Wire transfers & stop payments 

CAMC Federal Credit Union offers both incoming and outgoing wire services. Please obtain proper wire out instructions from the receiving financial institution prior to initiating your wire request. For incoming wire information and direct deposit instructions please call 388-5700.  As a reminder for members receiving incoming wires, our Credit Union wire instructions are:

Receiving Institution: Volunteer Corporate Credit Union, Nashville, TN ABA/Routing # 264182395

Beneficiary Institution: Member Name & Member Acct. #  CAMC Federal Credit Union, Charleston, WV ABA/Routing # 251984409

Members requesting a stop payment on a share draft need to call the Credit Union. Please have ready your member number, check number, dollar amount of the check and who the check was written to. Please verify with the merchant that your check will be processed as a paper item. In certain situations when giving the merchant a pre-authorized check they will process the item as an ACH (Automated Clearing House). It is the membersí responsibility to ensure how the transaction is being processed. Share draft stop payments can be placed over the telephone, however, you must come to the credit union within 14 days to sign the request. Check stop payments are valid for only 6 months. The fee to place a stop payment on a personal check, money order or official check is $25.00.

Members requesting a stop payment on an ACH (Automated Clearing House) item must contact the credit union to initiate the stop pay. Please have ready your member number, company ID number of the merchant sending the ACH, the exact dollar amount of the ACH and the merchant name. The ACH stop payment can not be placed and will not be effective unless this information is accurate. Stop payments are valid for 1 month and stop pays are to be signed by member. 
Many merchants are going from paper processing of your checks to ACH processing. Any time you write a check for a purchase and the merchant is going to process the item as an ACH they must void the check and return it to you. 




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