Split Rate Savings

($5,000.00 minimum to open.)

Split Rate Savings - Our Split Rate account is our premier savings account comparable to bank money market accounts. The Split Rate Savings requires a  $5,000 balance to open and earn dividends. Dividends are paid monthly. This type of savings offers members more convenience, higher dividends and constant availability to their funds. Payroll deduction and ATM access are available. Statements are mailed quarterly unless your account has had electronic transactions in which case you would then receive a monthly statement of activity.


Federal Reserve regulations limit withdrawal transactions to savings accounts. Your Split Rate Savings account is limited to 6 preauthorized, automatic, or telephone transfers or withdrawals per calendar month, 3 of which may be made payable to a third party by check, draft, check card point-of-sale (POS) or similar order. Key-24, CU-Online withdrawals/transfers, overdraft protection transfers and other EFT transactions are also subject to the Federal Reserve transaction limitations. As a service to you, withdrawals to your Split Rate Savings account in excess of these limits are permitted by the Credit Union, but will result in the assessment of a fee or other action in accordance with our Truth-In-Savings disclosure.