Electronic Check Image Retrieval

Research, view and print the front and back images of cleared checks for a nominal fee. 

Images are accessible through CU-Online for approximately 60 days or 180 transactions.

Our electronic Check Image Retrieval Service allows each member the ability to research, view, and print the front and back images of certain canceled checks that have cleared your CAMC Federal Credit Union checking account.  Such images may be retrieved directly by the member via your account history available using CU-Online.   The canceled check images available for retrieval directly by the member and the quality of such images may depend on several factors including the method of processing and equipment utilized by the merchant or financial institution (s) involved in the processing of your check.  Images available for retrieval directly are limited to transactions available for view on CU-Online which is generally limited to the past 60 days or 180 transactions, whichever comes first.

To retrieve a check image from your CU-Online Home Screen, 

  • Select your checking account from the list of accounts,
  • Place the cursor on the check number of the image you wish to view,
  • Left click on your mouse.

Prior to viewing a selected check image on your initial enrollment, you will be prompted to select which credit union account your would like your retrieval fee to be charged.

After the retrieval availability timeframe, if you would need a copy of a check item please contact CAMC Federal Credit Union at 388-5700 to obtain a copy through our Member Services Department.  

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